About Us

TradeTracker was born in the winter of 2017 in tall, eleven story residence hall at San Diego State University. Amidst the hustling and bustling of midterms, socializing, professional development, and school involvement two friends met with the goal to be self-made in their financial success. Ryan Cohen and Beck Svensson spent many days debating the pros and cons of day trading versus investing, the direction of different financial and commodity sectors, as well as whether Ryan’s shirts were ironed well enough. Through these frequent discussions and debates, both realized that their common goal and interest in the financial markets met with the frustrations of financial apps available to them.

As college students, both spend much of their day away from a computer and rely on mobile information to be able to react quickly to changing markets. This, however, was difficult to do as many decisions required window after window of news articles, company data, and live tickers which is difficult on a computer and nearly impossible on a mobile device.

TradeTracker was born one night when both Ryan and Beck decided they would like to end the struggles of being a trader who balances other life obligations, as well as make trading appealing to the current college-age generation. Ryan and Beck operate on simple goals: to eliminate irrelevant and misleading information(the million windows open on your computer), to emphasize technological developments and the importance of being a mobile trader, as well as open the financial sectors to college students who need a reliable starting point to learn their skills of trading. As the application has launched centered on achieving these goals, the entire team at TradeTracker recognizes the best goals are ones which must be constantly obtained. There will always be work to filter out misleading information, there will always be ways to improve the usability of the app, and there will always be a need to make learning about trading more accessible and easier to understand. TradeTracker is unique as it is developed with the goal of being everything a trader needs and thus is operated by a team willing to make the developments needed to be the best, most comprehensive trading app on the market.

Real investments, real strategy, and real opportunity - the entire market in your pocket, and the entire future in your hands.